Unconventional , extraordinary, an infinite realm of possibilities. This is what a blank slate represents.

Hewn from graphite, it shimmers with its own liquid lustre. Sparkling the imagination to an individual expression , a chance to discover your style and story. 

Vasundhra Mantri-2641.jpg


Vasundhara Mantri, professional jewellery designer, is one of the very few professional bench jewelers in Kolkata (India) who qualifies to create jewellery by her own hands. She has undergone training at The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), New York.

Her jewellery creations bring together the trends and fashion of different

worlds, synchronizing Indian, European and American ideas. The result is an alloyed beauty - a fusion of art & craft.

With her unique designs and fresh approach, Vasundhara has re-shaped the landscape of the semi-precious jewellery market in India and pioneered a niche segment for such jewellery which is now fast becoming the epicentre of vigorous activity and growth.